Helping operators and manufacturers to take advantage of

world-class research

The Cranfield Manufacturing Consultancy enables all producers and operators to take advantage of new technologies and insights established through Cranfield University’s leading research programmes.

We work closely with the researchers in Cranfield’s School of Aerospace, Transport and Manufacturing to make available their innovative, high-value methods to all operators and producers. We apply the customer-focused values of a professional consulting services organisation to ensure best practice and an excellent customer experience:

  • Diagnosing and benchmarking organisational maturity and readiness for innovation
  • Demonstrating the business case for new technology, improved processes & personal development
  • Setting out the roadmap for sequenced and integrated development
  • Driving transformation in workforce capability and capacity to take advantage of these innovations.

Key areas of Cranfield research with great potential for benefitting companies include Through-life Engineering Services (TES), Operations Excellence and Informatics. TES make manufacturers more responsive and competitive, and give operators substantial savings and assured performance:

  • Reduced costs
  • Agility in production and ongoing operation
  • Extended lifecycles
  • Assured availability and safety
  • Sustainable use and re-use

Business Strategy and Chanage Management

Cranfield Manufacturing Innovation's services

Research and Education

Professor Rajumar Roy - Director of Manufacturing, Cranfield University
"There is a significant opportunity to be grasped, and we expect the winners in the field to be the early adopters who move to seize the opportunity quickly"

Professor Rajkumar Roy
Director of Manufacturing, Cranfield University